The Hanseatic Ski Race will Take place on the 17th & 18th June 2017


Welcome to the official website for the Hanseatic ski Race event 2017. For the third time we are staging Formula 1, 2 and 3 water ski racing in the Historic Maritime Quarter of King's Lynn. Ready to rival the Diamond Race which is a world renowned water ski race in Belgium, close to the Hanseatic town of Antwerp this event will be of a high octane nature with racing speeds of close to 100mph. Watch from the banks of the Ouse whilst competitors race across the choppy water surface. The Event will also include the 2nd round of the UK National race.


We hope this will be an unforgettable experience and one to continue for years to come.


1. Race organisers. Jason Russell Contact details pjrussell1@hotmail.co.uk / mob 07884001786

   Tom Lumley contact details tom@michelle@talktalk.net / mob 07768473640

2. Officer of the day Michelle Norman.

3. Race headquarters The Marriots Warehouse contact tel no 01553818500

4. Paramedics

5. Judges Derrick Blackmore. Tony Williams. Paul Cole. TBC Barry Frame. Steve Cox.

6. Time keepers / signing in Samantha Impey. Allison smith. Julia olinski. Laura list.Julia Avery Reed.

7. Launch crew Jeff Ling and team along with Carters cranes.

8. Safety / rescue rapid response. Brandon walker. Murray Cooper.

9. Jet ski water patrol. Andrew Goodale and team

10. Risk assessments Paul Cole & Edward Blundy.

11. Scrutineering Greg Bassam & Harvey Robinson.

12. Security Kings Lynn and west norfolk county council.

13. Campers / caravans Martin Bennet Contact details hunstantoncottages@gmail.com  

Tel no 07740055063.  Limited spaces available.

14. Harbour Master: Captain John Lorking


Race schedule


Friday am general set up

Friday pm onwards team arrivals / campers / caravans / boats. Anyone wishing to arrive before this is by prior arrangement with Martin Bennet.

Scrutineering Friday 13.00 onwards, also sat morning 8.30 till 10.00am. Greg Bassam tel no. 07785325893 Harvey Robinson. Tel no. 07743754084. Any later than these times by prior arrangement only.

Friday signing in 3pm until 6pm & Saturday morning 8.30 till 9.30, anytime after by prior arrangement.

Friday 6.30 for 7.00pm Mayors reception at the Town Hall Kings Lynn, all race teams are invited anyone else wanting to attend will be by invitation or prior arrangement with Jason Russell or Tom Lumley.


Saturday 17th June 2017

7.30 Race Organising team arrival on site

9.00  Rescue briefing

9.15 Race briefing for euro kids / f3 / ladies / seniors / juniors .

9.35 Race briefing for f1 / f2

9.55   Race briefing for open race / under 8s

10.00 Launching to commence

Saturday  Race 1 Euro Kids race start 10.45

              Race 2 F3 and Ladies race start 11.30

              Race 3 Seniors and Juniors race start 12.15

              Race 4 F1 / F2 race start 13.00

              Race 5 Open race start 13.45

              Race 6 Under 8s race start 14.15

14.45 Prize giving

15.45 Race debrief meeting


Sunday 18th June 2017

7.30 Race organising team arrival on site

9.00  Rescue briefing

9.15  Race briefing euro kids / F3 / ladies / seniors / juniors.

9.35 Race briefing for F1 / F2

9.55  Race briefing for open / under 8s

10.00 Launching commences

Sunday Race 1 Euro Kids race start 10.45

           Race 2 F3 and ladies race start 11.30

           Race 3 Seniors and Juniors race start 12.15

           Race 4 F1 / F2 race start 13.00

           Race 5 Open race start 13.45

           Race 6 Under 8s race start 14.15

14.45 Prize giving


To find out more please e-mail












There will be an after party on Sunday night, with a Live Band, to be held in the Marriot Hotel Marque: There will be live music and a bar. Campers are welcome to stay until Monday morning, but will need to depart propty.




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