The Club has set a number of challenges that can be undetaken throughout the session at any time called: "The Selfie Sick Challenge", why not have a go at any one of them this weekend.

Selfie Sick Challenge

The Sea Sick Selfie Challenge


The club are running a series of challenges through the 2020 session. These challenges can be completed at any time in the period. The closing date for the competition will be 31st October 2020, with presentations will be taking place at the Club Dinner Dance “12th November don’t forget your tickets”.


What is the challenge?


You are required to take you Jet Ski or boat to a specified destination and take a selfie that proves your location. These pictures should then be emailed to hunstantonselfiechallenge@gmail.com these will be posted on the club website, in addition you will be asked on some occasions to complete various tasks.

The Challenges will be added throughout the session but we have a few listed to start with, you do not need to register just feel free to start the competition, this is open to all club members.


The Challenges So far: To be completed in any order


1/ Take a trip to Kings Lynn and pull up at the Marriot Warehouse and grab a selfie, may be even breakfast or a bit to eat at lunch.

2/ Go to Brancaster  and take that all important selfie, as your proof, “why not arrange your self’s into a group and ride out together”.

3/ Pull up at Heacham, you will need to take a companion, as you are required to buy a stick of rock that has HEACHAM printed through it and for that to be in the selfie by the ramp at heacham.

4/ This trip should only be done with the experience of a person that is confident to lead the trip. A ride out to Seal island, see the seals and may be take BBQ for a spot of alfresco dinning. Contact Damon Eastwood for a lead person.

5/ To buy an ice cream from the sellers along Hunstanton sea front, take your craft out to the big yellow buoy opposite the Ski Club and enjoy “don’t forget the selfie.


More to challenges will follow:

It is advised that you travel in groups, and that you use sea travel bags for mobil electronic equipment, please feel free to use a cheep disposable camera if you wish to, print the pictures and take a photo of the photo and email them, or email directly from your devices.